About Gospeltruth.org


Many of you have emailed to ask about Gospeltruth.org, who we are, who we are affiliated with, etc.  We can understand these questions as there is no information about "us" on the main page.  This is on purpose.  "We" are just a couple of guys.  Our goal for this site is to offer the Gospel while not being affiliated with any particular church, religion, sect, movement, or any other organization.  This is not to say that "we", as individuals, are not associated with a particular church or belief system ... because "we", as individuals, are.

But, and most importantly, the Gospel is for all people, all religions, all believers, all non believers, the good, the bad, the young, the old, and everyone in between.  In other words, ALL!  Our desire is to offer the Gospel, with NO strings attached, with NO expectations, with NO money down, without asking you to join a particular church, and without asking you to be or do a certain way.  We believe those choices are up to the individual and as such we are, and will remain ... anonymous.  If you are viewing this site, our goal has been met.

Please feel free to email us and ask any question you like.  We welcome ALL!

The GospelTruth Team